Librarians Name Greed and Good
An 'Outstanding Title' of the Year


January 2, 2006

Choice magazine, the American Library Association book review journal for research and professional collections, has placed Greed and Good: Understanding and Overcoming the Inequality that Limits Our Lives on its annual list of “Outstanding Academic Titles.”

This honor, announced in the Choice January 2006 issue, went to less than 3 percent of the titles submitted to Choice over the past year.

“Outstanding Academic Titles are truly the 'best of the best,'” notes Choice editor Irving Rockwood. “As always, only a select group of publishers and authors are represented on such a list.”

Greed and Good, by labor journalist Sam Pizzigati, takes readers on an eye-opening tour of nearly every aspect of modern American life.

Our nation’s ever-widening gaps between the wealthy and everyone else, Pizzigati shows, are squeezing pride out of our professions, pleasure out of our pastimes, even years out of our lives.

This widening inequality, in return, offers us nothing significant of value. Greed and Good carefully dissects the old saws that apologists for inequality regularly trot out to justify the gaps that divide us.

“This extraordinary book begins with a detailed demolition of the trickle-down case for inequality,” the original Choice book review of Greed and Good noted last March. “Pizzigati, a labor economist, also makes the case that vast accumulations of wealth neither create effective incentives to work harder nor ensure that the appropriate level of savings will be forthcoming.”

The enormous economic gap between America's most affluent and everyone else, Greed and Good counsels, not only should be narrowed, but can be.

And just how? Greed and Good explores the most promising options for creating a less unequal America, then offers a practical political guide for moving forward on the boldest option of all, a “maximum wage,” a national ceiling on annual individual income that would rise if and only if the minimum wage rose first.

“If all men and women are indeed created equal,” as Greed and Good makes so clear, “then any society that winks at the monstrously large fortunes that make some people decidedly more equal than others is asking for trouble.”

The complete contents of Greed and Good can now be perused online.



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